Population Health Management Software Solution

Helping PCNs, ICBs and Health Boards manage patient health and outcomes more effectively

We have developed a simple and innovative approach to population health management that helps PCNs, ICBs and  Health Boards monitor and manage patient health and outcomes more effectively. Our solution can also help optimise primary care resources which in turn can help with the management of growing healthcare costs.

Our Population Health Management Solution includes the following apps:

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Outcomes Manager

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Vision+ Templates

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THIN Dashboard


Outcomes Manager logo

Outcomes Manager provides a unique and innovative approach to population health management. Healthcare data is collected, analysed and presented in a cloud-based dashboard.

Clinical pathways and data entry templates can then be shared with Practices and Clinicians to provide evidence based best practice in line with national and local policies.

Outcomes Manager also supports clinicians with insights and decision support for treatment options to help improve outcomes.


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Federated services are a cost-effective way of offering shared healthcare services across a GP network. But how do you make sure care is consistent across all GP practices and clinicians? Outcomes Manager includes Templates for fast and accurate data entry during consultations ensuring best practice, compliance with local policies and
consistency in primary care delivery. 

THIN Dashboard logo

Our analytics dashboard based on our THIN Primary Care database gives you access to nationally representative anonymised patient data to help you better understand your patients health, care and outcomes.

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Guide to managing multimorbidity using Population Health Management

Dr Helen Davies is a GP clinical lead for community and population health management in Calderdale discusses the increasing pressure on the NHS makes it clear we need to do things differently to sustain our health service for the future. PHM is a radical shift in care delivery, a model for the planning and delivery of proactive, anticipatory care to achieve maximum impact within collective resources


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What is Population Health Management and is it here to stay?

Population Health Management (PHM) may sound like yet another NHS sound byte that will change with the next government. We see it as more than a sound byte. Whether the name will stay as Population Health Management is hard to say, but if you boil it down, PHM is about using data and stories to identify groups of people who need particular care and support



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Supporting Interoperability across the NHS

Our Partners

We understand how important it is for core IT solutions across healthcare to be interoperable with one another in order to help you optimise patient outcomes and quality of care.

We work with a number of third parties to bring you a trusted range of approved software that integrates with Cegedim products. You can choose from a variety of add-on products which offer cost savings and efficiency improvements across your area, to enhance the deliver of care to your patients.

From decision support to device integrations, we’ve got you covered.

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