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Helping you to Collect and Understand your Population's Health Data so you can Influence Positive Change

Outcomes Manager is a simple and innovative tool that uses a cloud based dashboard for monitoring and reporting on patient data and outcomes across geographic areas.

Alongside patient health data analysis, Outcomes Manager also supports the creation and sharing of clinical pathways and data entry templates authored to local healthcare requirements to help influence change, optimise primary care resources, save costs and improve patient outcomes.

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Outcomes Manager works with all major GP Clinical Systems, to provide a complete population health management system for CCGs, Health Boards, Primary Care Networks and Federations.

It is already used to manage and report on locally enhanced services (LES), Directed Enhanced Services (DES) and National NHS Healthcheck Services in a number of CCGs.

Its data can also feed into service redesign methodology to aid best healthcare practice, and support disease management, case finding and referral management.

Benefits of Outcomes Manager

  • Compatible with all major GP IT systems (Vision, EMIS, TPP)
  • Provides decision support tools for effective disease management
  • Helps influence change with shared pathways and standard data entry templates
  • Helps manage healthcare costs by optimising your primary care resources
  • Enhances case finding by identifying undiagnosed patients
  • Empowers CCGs to author and manage new treatment pathways for patient groups
Outcomes Manager - Aggregate Report Widget illustrations-01

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Where can Outcomes Manager be used?

Outcomes Manager can be used across Primary are Settings by CCGs, Primary Care Networks, Federations, Integrated Care Systems and GP Practices.

Who might use Outcomes Manager?

Outcomes Manager is typically used by Population Health Leads, Service Redesign Commissioners, Referral Management Leads, National and Local Enhanced service leads. 

How is Outcomes Manager different from other Population Health Management systems?

Unlike other solutions, Outcomes Manager can be used across all the major GP clinical systems.
Outcomes Manager also offers

  • Data entry templates to aid improved data recording
  • Pathways designed around local and national requirements.
  • Clinical decision support
  • Risk Calculators and Clinical Algorithms
  • Patient anonymity by only using aggregate data
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