Our Community Care Solution

Our solution for Community Care provides nurses and allied healthcare professionals with a suite of tools that enable the co-ordination of electronic caseloads across community and hospital based teams.

Interactive nursing records with modern interactive data entry ensures effective paperless working, whilst interoperability with GPs and AHPs enables joint working with hospitals.

Our Community Care solution includes the following apps:

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Paper based care is inefficient so why not pull your community team together with electronic caseloads, direct GP referrals and shared electronic patient notes.

Our interactive caseload management means you can plan and monitor patient care faster and more easily across your community team and improve collaborative working.

Community Caseload-Management


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A secure collaboration tool for use across community settings that allows messages, tasks and conversations between healthcare professionals to be shared securely and recorded back to the patient record for full record keeping and traceability.



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Tools for Effective Communication

The importance of fast, accurate and trusted communication came into sharp focus during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From sharing patient information across a multi-disciplinary team to making rapid decisions regarding admitting a patient or referring them back to the community for outpatient care, the ability to rapidly share concise, effective and consistent information has been critical.

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