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Pull your community team together with electronic caseload and referral management.

As the demand on Community Nurses and Healthcare Visitors increases, Community offers an opportunity for teams around the UK to deliver care more efficiently and effectively. 

Intuitive and easy to use,  this app provides capacity management and caseload management, with full digital care plans available on and offline allowing the nurse to provide the most efficient and comprehensive way possible.

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Community was developed in collaboration with an experienced group of NHS nurses to ensure the application truly reflected the needs of the modern community nurse.

Community allows patient facing members of your nursing team to easily view and record patient interventions and accurately and efficiently record the care they provide to them.

It also provides those with a management role within district nursing teams with the ability to easily transfer patients to the care of their staff while allowing them to closely monitor their staff's workload and schedule.

Benefits of Community

  • Caseload  & Referral Management - quickly being able to view and manage your teams workload, capacity and availability at a glance helps save you time and ensure resources are being used effectivey.
  • Comprehensive reporting - on a range of patients, staff and intervention activity
  • Individual Caseload Management - effectively manage your itinerary for the day and quickly record contacts against patient records.
  • Paperless Patient Notes - view and record everything you need to know about a patient in one place: referrals, interventions, contacts and files.



Tools for Effective Communication

The importance of fast, accurate and trusted communication came into sharp focus during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From sharing patient information across a multi-disciplinary team to making rapid decisions regarding admitting a patient or referring them back to the community for outpatient care, the ability to rapidly share concise, effective and consistent information has been critical.

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Where can Community be used?
Community is designed to be used within an office, at home or out in the field. With full support for offline working, nurses can effectively treat patients without the worry of losing connection or returning to the office to complete paperwork.
Who might use Community?

District Nurses, Community Health Nurses, Health Visitors and other Allied Healthcare Professionals.

How is Community different from EMIS Community?

Independent from the Clinical System

Designed for nurses as the primary user, Community has no reliance on users needing access to the full clinical system.

Real Time Sharing of Patient Care

All patient contact and observations recorded in Vision Community is immediately available to all teams providing care for this patient. With robust role based access and legitimate relationships, this data is always shared securely.

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