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Analytic Dashboards

Powered by THIN, our user friendly analytics dashboard gives you access to intelligent data insights to help you better understand your patients health, care and outcomes.

Our customisable cloud based dashboard provides easy access to data to help you analyse treatment pathways and prescribing patterns against guidelines and best practice, monitor patient flow and outcomes.

The dashboard can be tailored to your focus area so you can monitor how key health projects are running and make informed decisions.

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Benefits of THIN Dashboards

  • User friendly interface with built in filters that can be fully tailored
  • Regular updates so you can work in near real time
  • Track trends to monitor improvements in care and outcomes
  • Better understand patients in your locality and how they are performing in specific disease areas
  • Better understand the impact the of guidance and implementation at a GP level on the overall patient outcomes.

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Who might use THIN Dashboards?
THIN Dashboards are aimed at CCG and Health Board leads to help them with access to data insights on their population health and key health projects.
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