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In your consultation call you will be able to gain valuable insights from our population health management team, covering a range of topics:

  • A tailored exploratory session to uncover your specific requirements, and help you develop a plan to meet your objectives.
  • Analysis of current and historical data for your population to allow comparison to identify focus areas and population cohorts to prioritise.
  • Gain insight through adopting a population health management solution to help you more proactively manage your patients and monitor your effectiveness in improving the quality of care provided and reduction in health inequalities.
  • Change the way in which you design new models of care to deliver better outcomes for your patients and create a more efficient and sustainable way of delivering care to your population.

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What we can do for you:

Calling upon, and working with, an independent population health management advisory board, we have worked with experts in their field to develop a a simple and innovative approach to population health management that helps CCGs, ICSs and Health Boards monitor and manage patient health and outcomes more effectively. Our solution can also help optimise primary care resources, which in turn can help with the management of growing healthcare costs.

Our population health management tools and support will help you look at your population's data to identify which health priorities and groups/ cohorts of people to focus on, to best improve your working lives and your patient outcomes and to reduce health inequalities across your whole population.

To request your meeting, please complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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Who we are:

We are a well established and trusted health technology organisation. We offer tools to deliver population health management in a simple and innovative approach which has been co-developed with an independent population health management advisory board. Our solution helps practices, PCNs, Places and ICSs more effectively prioritise, plan, deliver and measure improved patient and population outcomes, whilst improving the working lives of staff and curtailing growing healthcare costs by optimising resources.

  • Insights: Our primary care database gives you access to nationally representative anonymised patient data to help you better understand your patients' health, care, utilisation and outcomes.
  • Care redesign is supported by our clinical pathway and data entry templates supporting evidence based best practice, in line with national and local policies.
  • Better care: Guided by our one-stop, cloud based dashboard which collects, analyses and presents healthcare data, clinicians are provided with insights and support to help decide treatment options for individual patients.