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Remote access for smart consultations - anywhere

Vision Anywhere is an internet first secure app that provides 24/7 real time access to patient records on your laptop and/or tablet (that operates on the Windows OS).

Designed to support todays modern GP with remote care delivery and collaborative working across shared care settings.

Vision Anywhere provides you with remote access to patients' records with seamless automation, quick and accurate data entry & sharing, easy access to helpful tools and smart prescribing assistance - enabling you to carry out efficient patient consultations anywhere, any time.

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Fully scalable solution for use across larger healthcare teams and settings.

Vision Anywhere is an agnostic solution that works seamlessly across different healthcare settings allowing clinicians to share and update patients records in real time.

Its key features allow you to view and update patient records remotely, making it ideal for recording the delivery of care in the community or during extended hours. 

Vision Anywhere is also fully scalable, meaning it can be used either in a single practice or at scale across larger teams and different healthcare settings,

Benefits of Vision Anywhere

  • Interoperable with Vision and EMIS Web offering real time patient record access
  • Record consultations quickly and easily with predictive data entry
  •  Allows GPs to support different patients, in different settings, and different locations on any device, anywhere.
  • Can be used with or without an internet connection


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Vulnerable Patients

Protecting Vulnerable Patients

Having coped with the first wave of the COVID-19 crisis, the NHS now faces a significant challenge in protecting and supporting the most vulnerable patients. In addition to the estimated 2.4 million individuals waiting for scans or treatment as a result of disruption to services during the pandemic, many vulnerable patients were not able to access regular care for ongoing conditions.

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Where can Vision Anywhere be used?

Vision Anywhere is designed for use across care settings. It can be used within a single practice or across primary care settings:

Federated and localised services

Use the same system for your patients as well as other patients from local federated services. Designed for federations, clusters, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), GP alliances and other healthcare networks.

Urgent and emergency care

Clinicians working in emergency and urgent care settings can view and add to patient records.

How is Vision Anywhere different to EMIS Web?

Vision Anywhere is the only solution that is designed to be truly interoperable. EMIS web only works at scale when all users are using EMIS products, whereas Vision Anywhere can work across different clinical systems so you can view patient records from both Vision and EMIS practices.

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