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Medi2data are a team of passionate primary care specialists, medics, data informatics and industry experts who have come together to create simple, intuitive technologies which revolutionise how medical data is digitally reported and transacted.


eMR+ is a fully outsourced, medical reporting service proven to transform your medical reporting process.

Embedded within hundreds of practices across the UK, eMR+ takes care of the mundane and manual task of managing your medical reports by outsourcing the entire process directly to Medi2data's team of expert clinicians and administrators. 

Medi2data have chosen to offer eMR+ for FREE to the NHS with the aim of helping alleviate some of the pressures and challenges enabling them to focus on other key priorities, such as providing key patient care.

There’s no subscription fee and no training fee for your staff. 

Their team of expert clinicians and administrators can also help action any medical report backlogs you have helping alleviate further pressure on your surgery.

eMR+ has been built to be fully compatible with Vision, therefore making the perfect match for your clinical system. This integration helps minimise the set-up time to only 10-minutes meaning you can start to feel the direct benefits within your surgery immediately.

eMR+ lite

The only distinction between the two services is that with eMR+ lite practices ONLY send SAR requests to be processed. Surgeries are also charged a rate of £30 per SAR. 

A direct comparison is included in the image below:

eMR_ Lite

Features and benefits:

  • Huge time-savings for your surgery by outsourcing to an expert team
  • Eliminates the need to chase reports or payments
  • All reports reviewed and signed off by a qualified clinician 
  • Governance & Security - the original medical reporting service in the UK certified with ISO27001 accreditation & listed in the GP IT Futures Buying Catalogue (for over 3 years)
  • Medi2data accept a vast range of report types, including SARS and Universal Credit Forms
  • Together we can tackle your medical report backlog
  • Facilitate a super-fast turnaround time on processing reports
  • Provide exclusive access to our Patient Online Access (POA) screening tool

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