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TeamNet, by Clarity Informatics, is a knowledge, compliance, and workforce management platform built specifically for primary care teams in the UK. It serves as a single source for all your practice back-office functions, enabling your staff to access and log information quickly, whilst streamlining everyday internal processes.

TeamNet has a proven track record with:
  • Increasing productivity and driving efficiencies
  • Reducing administration time
  • Improving communication among teams and stakeholders
  • Streamlining practice management processes
  • Improving resilience

How TeamNet supports your practice:

Knowledge Management –

TeamNet is built with a powerful library and searchability so that staff can find information efficiently. The library is designed to store all documentation, including policies, protocols, guidance, significant events, audits, and so on. Out of date items are archived within the system, so staff will only access up-to-date content.

Communications and Information Sharing -

Serving as the central communications tool for the practice, TeamNet can distribute agendas, discussion documents, and bulletins via a click of a button to everyone in the practice, specific individuals, or job roles. Using TeamNet in this way reduces admin tasks, helps coordinate services and improves communication with stakeholders. It eliminates the need for emails and reduces the overall number of information sources

HR and Workforce Management –

TeamNet includes a range of tools to ensure effective HR and workforce management including: holidays and absences, HR checks, staff immunisations and staff training. As TeamNet is a web-based platform, staff can even login from home to check rotas, apply for holidays, and more.

Workforce Scheduling -

Sophisticated rota functionality, built specifically for primary care teams to ensure efficient management of staff and resource availability.

Templates allow you to replicate portions of a rota and imported to auto-fill future periods, taking the hassle out of building future rotas.

The automatic pull through of applicable information from other areas of TeamNet, (for example staff working patterns, rooms, and absences) provides the Rota Manager with a complete overview of staff and resource availability.

TeamNet rotas also includes the facility for managers to advertise unfilled sessions internally and the ability for staff to apply for these sessions.

Compliance -

Tools to manage and process structured information such as significant events, fridge check records, staff training, and safety alerts, all in one place. Benefit from full visibility and control of review dates, audit trails, and versions acknowledgements.

Clinical Support-

Provide your GPs with fast access to clinical guidance, policies, and procedures added by your practice team or national guidance maintained by TeamNet for you.

Day-to-day practice management-

TeamNet serves as a day-to-day practice intranet and has been developed especially for GP practices. In addition to TeamNet's compliance tools, HR/workforce management, and information management tools, TeamNet includes a powerful diary, real-time to-do Lists with automated reminders, meetings scheduler, and the powerful homepage, all built with Practice Managers in mind.

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