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Specialising in digital patient-facing solutions for the Primary Care sector of the NHS. Designed to:
  • Empower staff
  • Simplify administrative tasks
  • Improve communication and accessibility between clinicians and their patients
  • Provide safe and convenient ways for patients to access
    appropriate healthcare and advice

Better connected, better supported, and better engaged.


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Engage Health Systems offer two core products Engage Consult and Engage Touch - Complete the form at the bottom of this page for more information on either of these products and someone for the Engage Health Systems team will be in touch.

Engage Consult

An online and video patient to doctor engagement platform.

Engage Consult is an online patient to doctor, non-emergency and communications platform offering total triage, access to patient self-help advice and online video and messaging consultation. It allows patients to communicate securely and safely online with their practice about non-emergency medical conditions or admin questions.

Offering 24/7 access to symptom-specific self-help information and easy access to other local NHS and self-care services. It is designed to boost patient access, enhance practice efficiencies and to free-up much needed time and resources for clinical and admin teams.

Take a look at this short demo from Engage Health to learn more. 

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Engage Touch

A patient check-in screen is a straight-forward system for patients to use.

Patients simply touch the screen and follow the steps to verify their identity and book in for their appointment. Over 66 million patients in surgeries across the UK have successfully checked in on one of these touchscreens.

In addition to check in, the software offers QoF data capture as standard, together with the ability to verify patients' contact details, enable flu jab reminders, gather Friends and Family Test information and send individual and generic patient messages.

Engage Touch fully integrates with both Vision LAN and AEROS. 

The touchscreens are hand built and configured to your surgery's requirements and include a lifetime hardware warranty. 

If you already have a patient check-in screen, you can keep your existing hardware and simply install the Engage Touch software. That way you reduce your capital costs and your surgery will realise all the benefits immediately.

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