Covid Webinar Series: From Insights to Action

Covid Vaccination Solutions for Primary Care, using data to drive uptake and delivery.

The response to the challenge of scaling up the delivery of the Covid vaccination programme has been exceptional, but there is more to do and we need to ensure Primary Care has the right tools for the long run. This essential series of meetings explores how if equipped with the right solutions, primary care can become more effective and efficient in delivering a shared Covid vaccination programme.

  • Insights: Using data from The Health Improvement Network we will explore how the vaccination programme is supporting a return to usual care for patients. Where there are challenges and how we can address these through our Covid Vaccination Solutions.
  • Challenge: Each of these meetings will focus on one element of the Covid Vaccination Delivery Challenge for this session we will be focusing on the challenge of managing cohorts across PCNs and shared appointment management and scheduling.
  • Solution: We’ll explore how the latest solutions from CHS address and overcome these challenges
  • Action: Finally we will look at how you can access the latest solutions for your Covid vaccination programme using the NHS Digital Dynamic Procurement Framework.

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