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Stock control with intelligent immunisation administration at the click of a button!

Smart Clinic provides a complete stock control solution for any item that can be prescribed in Cegedim's clinical system, intelligent immunisation recording, storage management to help with CQC requirements, quick and simple data entry templates customised by each practice and stored quick links to websites, emails, practice documents, other programs and notes.

The intelligent immunisation recording in Smart Clinic provides a quick data entry solution, because it automatically reads the patient record in Vision 3 to determine what the patient has already been given, what is due next and what immunisations have been missed. This immunisation data may also be printed to give to your patient and works in line with Green Book procedures and good practice guidance. Stock control enables each practice to evidence stock and storage management in line with CQC rules and regulations where possible, together with searches and reports on all stock items as well as administered items.

Treatment type data entry templates may be created by each practice, to help record systematic data for any entity in the clinical system, including: recalls, referrals, requests, notepad and medication. These are especially useful for guaranteeing that you never miss an FP34 or PPA claim.

Smart Clinic has evolved over many years from customer feedback. We encourage and welcome all feedback.

No installation required, just download, unzip and it's ready to be used immediately! Smart Clinic is available in all countries and on all Vision approved systems platforms (AREOS, WES, LAN). 

Further information and free download can be found on the website.

We are more than happy to provide references from current practices near you, which have been using Smart Clinic (previously known as Smart Flu Clinic) for many years. Here are just a few comments from some of our customers:

Llandaff Fields medical Practice: “I am thrilled with the Smart Imm’s Software”

Devon Road Surgery: “I’m really liking Smart Imms 5”

Market Drayton Medical Practice: “I’ve already had a play and the direct integration is a great step forward, much quicker and more stable!”

Riverside Health Centre: “I am very interested in having Smart Imm’s installed on our computers. I have heard it’s a great tool to use, especially in the Flu season.”

Senior Practice Nurse – King George Surgery: “It has considerably improved our method for recording the Flu, Pneumococcal and Whooping Cough vaccines. It should also be a huge bonus for the Shingles and MMR vaccines.”

Grove Medical Practice: “I have been recommended Smart Flu Clinic by a neighbouring practice as I am currently having terrible trouble with Keyboard Express. I have a flu clinic arranged for this Saturday and need to find a solution a.s.a.p. to help with this clinic. I have downloaded the trial version and think that this is a solution that we should have used years ago!!!”

The Taff Vale Practice: “Extremely grateful for your support (and extremely impressed). The practice has never used the IOS claiming function previously and I’m not sure why but I can see a huge advantage for doing this. This appears to be an excellent piece of software and fingers crossed all will go well with the coming season.”

Llandaff North Medical Centre: “Just to say that smart flu clinic has gone down a storm in the practice and I have told other practices about it too. I predict that we will be able to do double the number of flu jabs in the same amount of time compared to not using the software”.

Townfield Health Centre, Wirral:  "Some feedback I have received from Nurses/GPs after using your excellent Smart Flu Clinic this year. “All users were very pleased with it for ease of use and coding available”.

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