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ScriptSwitch ®, from Optum ®, is the UK’s leading primary care prescribing support tool.

It is approved for use in nearly two-thirds of NHS organisations.

It delivered over 11 million cost-savings prescription switch message recommendations and over 28 million prescribing recommendations to improve the safety and quality of prescribing in 2014-15, helping the NHS save over £40m.

The tool is comprised of three key elements, a content management tool, a prescriber message delivery system and an analytic data reporting system, helping in prescribing support by providing succinct prescribing recommendations, based on local guidance and national recommendations, at the point of prescribing.

A new content management tool enables medicines management teams to author local prescribing recommendations more efficiently. Recommendations may contain hyperlinks to resources such as clinical data, patient information leaflets, national guidelines or formulary lists and can be quickly and easily added, edited and disseminated to all prescribers within hours of CCG approval. ScriptSwitch simply helps to ensure that the prescriber is fully aware of the guidance from their Medicines Management team.

Real-time analytics reports are generated to highlight the challenges faced by individual practices, supporting resourcing to practices to allow for best practice and cost-effectiveness in prescribing.

ScriptSwitch Prescribing is a Class I Medical Device (EU MDD 93/42/EEC) (UK MDR 2002)

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