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Black Pear Software uses the most advanced healthtec tools on the market to
ensure clinicians never make an uninformed decision.

Our Core products pull live information straight from the GP record and other relevant
sources and hold it on the cloud in a single source of truth. Every service is working with
the same real time data but the view is tailored to your role.

Core Care Plans lets any relevant clinician create a live plan of patients' needs in under
60 seconds. Users can share and update it from anywhere with every service instantly
notified of changes. We have off the shelf plans including for end of life, frailty, and
dementia, or we can design a new solution to your exact needs.

Core Care Records gives clinicians a single view of their patients' live medical history
from every health and care setting. Each service gets a tailored snapshot, but you can
easily dig down further with smart workflows. It can be configured to give live feeds from
GP Systems, Hospitals, Hospices, Foundation Trusts, Community and Mental Health

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