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iWorkflow is the very latest in next-generation electronic document workflow. It incorporates intelligent routing based on assigned actions which streamline the creation and processing of workflows. iWorkflow provides practices with huge measurable efficiencies and frees-up valuable time for healthcare professionals and administrative staff.

The intelligent ‘Action Based Workflow‘ features and ‘Quick Step’ single-click options reduce interactions, saving GPs and practice staff time. iWorkflow is an intuitive, intelligent, and advanced workflow module which works to the advantage of healthcare professionals.

The clean, easy-to-use interface facilitates a fast workflow process, enabling practices to spend more time on patient care.

What will it do for you?

GPs: iWorkflow reduces the number of clicks required for each workflow, and enables GPs to assign ‘Quick Steps’ to reduce interactions further.

Administration Staff: The intelligent workflow system automatically collects information, saving time and ensuring data accuracy.

Practice: The practice will make fewer mouse clicks, easily re-route and workflow documents which results in further time savings and improved service.

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For further details please visit the PCTI website.

Docman provides complete electronic document management, workflow and collaboration solutions for over 6,000 GP practices. Docman simplifies workflow processes by easily presenting electronic letters in front of individuals to review, comment, highlight or note simple actions. GPs will spend less time on administrative tasks, whilst being able to access information from any computer in the practice and be up to date with a patient’s record instantly.

Benefits include:

  • Intuitive workflow simplifying practice processes into one or two mouse clicks and saving GPs up to 15 minutes per day
  • Instant access to records and documents
  • Review, comment and highlight letters electronically
  • Utilise Docman BackOffice to efficiently store, workflow and retrieve non-clinical documents
  • Use BackOffice Apps to manage and collect data to support practice management
  • Receive electronic clinical correspondence from secondary care

Docman is already benefiting over 6,000 practices, with over 37 million registered patients, processing 3 million documents per week. A typical practice benefits from an efficiency saving of over £10,000 per year.

Some of the benefits include:

Clinical Content Recognition: an advanced system that automatically detects patient and filing details, significantly improving the speed and data quality of filing and summarising

Intuitive Workflow: reported to save each of your GPs up to 15 minutes per day by using Quick Steps to combine actions and workflows into once mouse click

Audited Collaboration: Docman Collaborator offers a fully audited discussion platform enabling everyone to manage, share and discuss patients or practice matters

Electronic Document Transfer: letters are received electronically from secondary care

What will it do for you?

  • GPs: Save 15 minutes per day by using the intuitive workflow to simplify processes and reduce actions into one simple mouse click
  • Practice Managers: documents can be stored in one place and easily workflowed around the practice
  • Administration staff: Fast and accurate document capture ensuring data quality.
  • Receptionists: Save time by having instant access to patient letters with one mouse click.
  • Clinical Coders: Intelligent read code capture to support summarising and to maximise QOF points.
  • Patients: Healthcare professionals have instant access to all clinical letters during a consultation. Patient letters can be received electronically from secondary care with attached meta-data to automatically file letters into the clinical record.

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