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Graphnet is the UK's leading supplier of integrated care record software to the NHS, social and care services.

Our CareCentric software links information from multiple systems, integrating workflows between care settings, engaging patients to self-care and supporting population health through data analytics. 

Tried, tested and proven, Graphnet technologies enable the extraction and sharing of information across a care community such as GP practices, social services, mental health, secondary and tertiary care settings. Information is aggregated from existing systems across the community to present a single, integrated record at the point of care. The result is a web-based solution that provides a single portal view to support and plan care across all of the caring professions. Graphnet solutions allow healthcare professionals to access up to date patient information securely and accurately wherever and whenever they need it.

Our solutions use leading edge technologies - including mobile, wearables, instant messaging, the cloud and machine learning - to radically improve services and the way care professionals and patients interact together.

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