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DXS Point-of-Care is a leading decision support solution that provides the clinician with an array of relevant information to reinforce the patient encounter.

The following content has been fully integrated into your Cegedim Healthcare Solutions system, free of charge:

  • in excess of 1,500 patient education leaflets (CHIQ accredited and Prodigy validated), including annotated illustrations
  • up-to-date travel advice from the Hospital of Tropical Diseases, London and the World Health Organisation, Geneva
  • a comprehensive medicines reference, categorised by therapy classification, including drug monographs, SPCs and PILs
  • medical updates, including the eGuidelines publication, Cochrane abstracts, as well as current features from PULSE, The Practitioner and the UPDATE Journal (soon to include content that will form part of your PDP)
  • self-help and support group database

DXS Point-of-Care is fully integrated with your Cegedim Healthcare Solutions system. The context-sensitive links ensure that all the DXS information is filtered to the current diagnosis in line with entries selected from the Vision Read Code dictionary.

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