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Electronic Document Transfer (EDT) provides a secure, reliable, flexible solution for the electronic communication of documentation between Secondary and Primary Care.

EDT Connect enables Practices to receive electronic documents automatically into Docman for filing and workflow. Documents can enter workflow instantaneously ensuring your systems are completely up-to-date with all patient episodes providing a knowledgeable and informed service to patients.

EDT is used for receiving, Discharge Summaries, Discharge letters, Encounter reports, Radiology reports, Outpatient clinic letters, Out of hours reports.

  • Electronic documents are delivered to the practice automatically at pre-defined intervals
  • The solution offers high levels of security
  • All incoming documents are received in the same way ·
  • Documents including ‘meta-data’ (patient and document information) are auto-filed with minimal user intervention, improving data quality and saving practices time
  • A complete end-to-end solution
What will it do for you?

Administration Staff: Minimal user intervention required to file many documents such as Discharge Summaries, Discharge Letters, Encounter Reports, Radiology Reports, Outpatient Clinic Letters and Out-of-Hours Reports directly into a workflow. No scanning, auto-patient matching, pre-populated filing fields and quicker document processing.

GPs: Enable information on patient episodes to be at hand within 24 hours.

Practice: Reduce administration processes, improving a practice’s information and enabling an improved service to patients.

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