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CyberLab is a web based reporting and request entry application that integrates with all major laboratory information management systems. It offers transparent and secure exchange of laboratory data and allows a high number of users access without impacting upon response times.

Laboratory results are available in the CyberLab system as soon as the LIMS publishes them. They can be accessed through patient and request based search criteria. The result reporting user interface is intuitive with simple point and click navigation ensuring that all relevant information is accessible via one or two clicks.

Time and cost reductions, flexibility of test requesting, reduction of ordering errors are some of the benefits delivered by the CyberLab order entry module. CyberLab order entry also provides the user with intelligent guidance during the requesting process. At the end of the request entry process, CyberLab produces a list of specimens to be sampled and provides the user with the option to print tube labels.

CyberLab provides electronic requesting and results reporting to not only secondary care users but also to the primary care user. CyberLab easily integrates with Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, to streamline the test requesting process and at the same time provides real time display of all patient results.

CyberLab has been used to recognise the following benefits from the successful delivery of an electronic request and results reporting solution.
  • Proactive demand management of laboratory & radiological services from primary and secondary care users;
  • Contract retention and expansion through the delivery of full end to end electronic orders and results services
  • Enable effective management of the service and the promotion of new services via Trust branded electronic services
  • Deliver better patient care through the elimination of unnecessary testing and faster turnaround times;
  • Streamlining sample reception and thus improving turnaround times, reducing costs and improving quality;
  • Improving the delivery of results to its users and proactive monitoring of those results viewed;
With over 80 European installations CyberLab is a key solution for any organisation looking to effectively manage their pathology & radiology electronic ordering and results reporting service.

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