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askmyGP offers a non-integrated online consultation and workflow system combined with change interventions and has been helping GPs to manage their patient caseload since 2011.

The doctor-patient relationship lies at the heart of askmyGP, which keeps patients in touch with their registered GP practice. The clinicians at the practice use the askmyGP online triage tools to prioritise and deliver care by secure message, telephone, video or face-to-face appointment.

All patients or their carers can use askmyGP to contact their practice, in most cases via a link from the practice website. Patients explain their symptoms in their own words, allowing structured triage and consultation information to be passed directly to the practice.

Practices using askmyGP receive an average 72% of demand online. Over 90% of patient requests are resolved by secure message or telephone. 20% of patients utilise self-care options but no patients are turned away.

The askmyGP dashboard helps practices prioritise their caseload, regardless of source, including clinical priority flags. Triage and consultation models and templates are configurable to support the practice’s preferred workflow structure, subject to appropriate clinical governance.

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